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Un referente en energía solar.

Entre los términos municipales de Fuente Palmera, Guadalcázar, Almodóvar del Río y Posadas, en la provincia de Córdoba, se enuentra Africana Energía, una central solar termoeléctrica de 50 MW y la mayor de España con 270 hectáreas, 550.000 m2 de espejos y 168 lazos. El alto grado de innovación de las instalaciones y su funcionamiento la sitúan como un referente no sólo en Andalucía, sino también en el país. 

employment & the environment

Africana Energía has managed to overcome two major challenges in the form of manageability of the energy to adapt the supply to the grid in accordance with demand, and the generation of electricity once the sun has set. And all this has been carried out whilst maintaining high standards of sustainability and environmental commitment in each and every one of the construction, operation and maintenance stages.

Africana Energía’s energy production in itself represents a sustainable goal: 50 MW of rated power that will generate more than 180 million kW per hour, equivalent to the consumption of 100,000 homes.

The professional commitment and extensive experience of the professional teams in charge of building and commissioning the power plant have been vital in making Africana Energía possible.

In recent years, the construction of this thermoelectric solar plant has been the region’s most important project in terms of social and environmental issues. An average of more than 500 professionals have directly taken part over two years, with employment peaks of 800 employees working simultaneously at the site.

The ancillary metalworking and services industry has benefited and diversified, making a positive contribution at a very critical time for the region’s economy. There will be more than 50 O&M jobs over 25 years.

The Africana Energía cylinder-parabolic collectors plant uses the concentration of solar energy -instead of fossil fuels- to generate the heat required by a conventional electricity generator.

Spain’s energy model, which is committed to sustainable development, is focused on achieving 20% of energy consumed from renewable energy sources by 2020.

Africana Energía represents a serious commitment to this objective, as it relies on an inexhaustible, safe, renewable and non-polluting source of energy. The plant’s operation prevents consumption of 65,000 tonnes of carbon and the atmospheric emission of 98,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Africana Energía is a pioneer in applying solutions for optimisation in the consumption of natural resources. The plant has two reservoirs with individual capacity of 250,000 m3 for the storage of rainwater, thus reducing consumption from other natural sources, as well as its own treatment plant to bring water to the turbine in optimum conditions for performance.

The project also involved the land clearance of 6 km to improve the flow of a stream close to the facility as an additional environmental improvement measure.

In its commitment to the area’s environment, Africana Energía has a full programme to recuperate the habitat of typical species such as the blue kite, the lesser kestrel and the common kestrel, along with others such as bats, nocturnal birds of prey and reptiles.